Covid-19 and Divorce

As families across Canada cope with the changes to routine and daily life brought on by the spread of Covid-19, the challenges faced by divorced or separated couples are pronounced. In a recent National Post article, Josephine Wong, a Vancouver-based family lawyer, explores the impact that enforced social distancing and isolation will have on children in co-parenting arrangements, and on parents who are navigating unprecedented circumstances. Drawing on the first-hand experience of the parents who are actively responding to the situation, and the lawyers and parenting coordinators who are advising their clients on best practices, Wong provides valuable insights on how best to cope. If you are divorced, separated, or seeking an agreement, you likely have questions about the best way to proceed given the current societal and economic conditions. The article below will shed light on several common situations facing Canadians and provide you with the tools needed to address concerns in an equitable manner.

For answers to questions about your unique circumstances, we recommend seeking the counsel of an experienced family lawyer.
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