Value of Education

value of education

The Value of Education upon Divorce Evaluating a degree or professional development obtained during a marriage is an area of law that is confusing and frustrating for lawyers but seems to generally work out for the people involved. It’s a frustrating legal issue for a couple of reasons, 1) There is not a lot of cases or commentary from Canada … Read More

Spousal Support 101

Spousal Support

Spousal Support 101 This is the third installment in the Family Law crash course series. Today we are going to look at Spousal Support, specifically, who can claim for it, what you have to prove in order to get it, how much it might be, and how it can be paid out. Spousal support is one of the three corollary … Read More

Restraining Orders 101

Restraining Order

Restraining Order Restraining Orders may be brought against anyone, not just a family member (though if you are applying for a Restraining Order against a family member there are different forms to fill out). Applications for a Restraining Order can be brought with or without notice but Applications brought without notice will only be temporary until the Respondent has a chance to tell their side … Read More