Protection Orders 101

protection order

Protection Orders There are a variety of Orders the Court can grant in cases of violence or fear of violence. Protection Orders Protection Orders are only to be used when the Applicant is a victim of Family Violence from an immediate family member. An Emergency Protection Order is temporary, for emergencies only and granted without notice to the other party … Read More

Rights of a Parent

parent rights

Rights of a Parent Shared 50/50 parenting is the ideal in most Divorce cases but unfortunately, despite two loving and capable parents, the Courts can be hesitant to grant it. This article will look at what factors Courts consider when making Contact Orders and what you can do as a parent to help the Judge sees things your way. PT … Read More

Child Support 101

child support

Overview of Child Support Today we will look at Child Support and the basics when child support might be required, how child support is determined, and what the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) has to do with it. Child support is the payment of money from one person to another to help with the financial costs of caring for a child. … Read More

Divorce Process 101

divorce calgary

Overview of the Divorce Process This will be the first article in a series of “crash courses” in Family Law. The purpose of these articles will be to answer some general questions about how the legal system works and maximize your time with your lawyer. Married vs Unmarried There are three aspects to a Divorce or separation from a partner, … Read More