EBL Family Law is Moving!

EBL Family Law Office

EBL Family Law is Moving!To serve you better, EBL Family Law is excited to announce that commencing August 1, 2020, our office is relocating to:  #340, 999 8 St. SW, Calgary AB, T2R 1J5Our new family law office offers convenient 2-hour complimentary parking and is located just minutes south of the 8 St. SW LRT Station. Our contact information has … Read More

The Deferral of Changes to the Divorce Act

Divorce Act

The Deferral of Changes to the Divorce Act On June 21st, 2019, Bill C-78 received Royal Assent, marking the first substantiative update to federal family laws in more than 20 years. The changes outlined in this bill were well received by all relevant parties as they took steps to modernize and strengthen family laws, specifically the Divorce Act, the Family Orders … Read More

Undue Hardship and Child Support Claims

Undue Hardship Child Support

Undue Hardship and Child Support Claims In Canada, parents have an obligation to financially support their children even after they divorce or separate from their partner. In our previous article, Child Support 101, we discussed the basics of child support including what legislation governs child support. Prior to reading this article about undue hardship, we suggest you go review the … Read More

Covid-19 and Parenting

Covid-19 and Parenting

“Families need more cooperation, less litigation” Navigating parenting with your ex-partner can be difficult at the best of times, and the trials of co-parenting with your ex-partner can be further exasperated in difficult times such as these. If the Covid-19 outbreak occurred while you and your ex-partner were amid legal proceedings to determine custody or parenting on a go-forward basis, … Read More

Covid-19 and Child Support Obligations

Covid-19 and Child Support

What happens when you have been laid off, have reduced hours, or have been self-isolating and are consequently unable to earn enough money to pay your child support obligations? In these unprecedented times, managing your child support obligations may be extremely difficult if your employment or business has been impacted. On the topic of child support obligations during the Covid-19 … Read More

Covid-19 and Divorce

As families across Canada cope with the changes to routine and daily life brought on by the spread of Covid-19, the challenges faced by divorced or separated couples are pronounced. In a recent National Post article, Josephine Wong, a Vancouver-based family lawyer, explores the impact that enforced social distancing and isolation will have on children in co-parenting arrangements, and on parents … Read More

EBL Family Law’s Response to Covid-19

EBL Family Law Response to Covid-19

At this time, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench and the Provincial Court of Alberta have released various notices outlining their response to Covid-19. As part of the response by the Courts, only certain matters classified as emergency or urgent are being heard by the Court of Queen’s Bench and the Provincial Court of Alberta. Numerous matters which had been … Read More

The Status of The Unified Family Court in Alberta

Family Court

To increase efficiency and reduce duplication of family law Court services, the creation of a unified family court has long been discussed. However, on  February 18, 2020, family lawyers were advised that the Alberta Government officially put this initiative on hold. Many family lawyers who attended the town halls held at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Edmonton and Calgary … Read More

Disclosure & Family Law Proceedings

Family legal matters, such as the division of matrimonial property, child support or spousal support, can require significant disclosure of income and assets. Consequently, disclosure is often the first step in your family law proceedings. While the process of compiling your financial information and providing it to your ex-partner and his or her counsel can be both tiresome and embarrassing, … Read More

A Guide to Self-Representation

A Guide to Self-Representation NOTE: EBL law does not advise self-representation in large or complex cases, in matters which proceed to trial or when defending against a party who has hired legal counsel. Self-representation is best suited for small claims or other simple civil matters where both parties are self-represented. Prior to self-representation, it is highly recommended you consult with … Read More