When Are Special or Extraordinary Expenses Too Expensive for Child Support?

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A Review of FJN v JK, 2019 ABCA 305 As a follow-up to some of our previous blog posts, today we are looking at a recent Alberta Court of Appeal decision, FJN v JK, 2019 ABCA 305 which dealt with section 7 expenses. In a split decision, the Court of Appeal found that the Court of Queen’s Bench had erred … Read More

Accessing Child Welfare Files 101

Accessing Child Welfare Files 101: Section 126 of the CYFEA In Alberta, TheChild, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act (“CYFEA”)afford Child and Family Services (“CFS”) the ability to intervene in the private family lives of Albertans. The powers granted under the Act can be quite extensive. For example, the government can investigate families, impose Supervision Orders, apprehend children and grant Temporary and … Read More

Divorce After 50 Is Causing Financial Depletion

In July 2019, Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos finalized their divorce. As the worlds richest couple, it is certain that Jeff and MacKenzie will both survive financially despite their separation (Jeff’s net worth is now US $123.1 billion, and MacKenzie’s is US $39.7 billion post-split). Unfortunately, we can’t all be in the enviable (or perhaps unenviable) position of splitting up billion-dollar … Read More

EBL Welcomes A New Team Member

EBL Family Law is proud to announce that on July 15, 2019, Madison T. Dupuis joined the EBL team as a Student-at-Law. Read Madison’s bio below. Madison Dupuis is a Student-at-Law with EBL Family Law in Calgary. She graduated from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law in 2019, specializing in Family Law and accessible justice. Before completing Law School, … Read More